Metals Unlimited, LLC

936 Ravine Drive

Covington, KY 41017

800·567·5556 - Fax 859·341·2080



  101 - 102 - 122 - 110 - 172 (Other alloys upon inquiry)  
  Beryllium copper  
  Available in:   
  Coil - Sheet - Plate  
  Copper Anodes for Plating  
  Wire (round - flat - shaped)  
  Rod (round - square - hex)  
  Flat Bar (square - radius - round edge)  
  Pipe and Tubing (standard or drawn to size)  
  Extrusions (standard or made to spec)  

Specializing in Copper, Beryllium Copper, OFHC Copper,  wire, strip, coil,  flat wire, tubing.


*Complete Certification and Traceability for All Metals*

We supply precision:

Slitting·Cut-to-length·Shearing·Sawing·Circles·Rings·Edge Conditioning

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